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dangerous at the mic's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
dangerous at the mic

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[15 Apr 2003|09:08pm]

I joined this so I could beatbox while Cri freestyles.

You know, like LANEY, SHE'S ALL THAT
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[15 Apr 2003|08:36pm]

[ mood | blank ]

what's this shit i got myself into?
i make porcelain look white and got less rhyme
and even my freestyle writin' takes up too much time.
look at that skill i got a few lines in.
maybe there are a few inner black things in me worth findin'.
who am i kiddin' i'min here for the chillin'
so pass da reefa while these words get to spillin'.

i'm r-a-c-to-tha-mafuckin-h
i suck at this so give me a break.
i keep at this shit like i'm dan estrin or somethin'
even though he's awful doesn't mean his beats ain't bumpin'
he likes a rap you know like cheesy rap
he wants what once was his
only know one knows what he's talking about
still i'm all up in that shiz


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[14 Apr 2003|12:01am]

my legs are itchy and i'm feeling a little queasy
hamburgers never were the cat's meow to me
the red meat makes me bleed
from the inside out
so i clutch my stomach and give a little shout
my frown has turned into a pout
of motherfucking proportions
i think my bottom lip just swallowed my face whole
oh shoot girl you just got told
wanna come back for some more
i'm coming to your town on a freestyle tour
and i hope jon's there so i can fucking score
an amish little fuck yeah gimme some mo

and what
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[13 Apr 2003|10:14pm]

hmm...wassapenin folks. cri posted this link in her journal, and i was like "OH SHIT, this is for me." actually not really, i don't rap, but i can try.

yo yo
mic check, 1 2
r2 d2
yeah you feelin this
this is comin straight out of the mouth of the miss.

my name is stina
fine translated into spanish is fina
yeah, thats what i be
wanna mess with me?
i'll bust out my brass knuckles
no, it will not bring immense chuckles
i can guarantee it'll bring mad blows
but you crazy nut , that's just how it goes
whats this madness you say?
dont you tempt me to come out and play.
i'll grab my metal stick
or an ice pick
i'll make you soil your pants
you'll be running to your aunts
why am i repeatin the same storyline?
please don't begin to whine
dis b my first time rappin'
let me make this happen
so you betta undastand
that this here be my land
so dont be hatin'
bitch, cook me some bacon!
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[13 Apr 2003|10:36pm]

i'm gonna tear this shit and make you high
fucking say my name c-r-i
don't even play like you done know that game
cause every little thing you say sounds the same
to me
so don't plea to me if you cant see
the skills i house from a to z
bitch my whole life revolves around DEGRASSI
jr high it aint no joke
the n at night is crazy dope
ima school you all in freestyle flow
and make you feel like a mother fucking chump
jump, dump that shit that you can't spit
i break it down in the mosh pit
at every show i go dope flow
i'm all about the money cash hoz
and no i dont front and be
any other little thing you think of me
cause i come straight and i tell it true
while you sad ass phoneys get mad at me too
who knew i could smack up this shit
well payce motha fukkas cause this is it.

WORD. \m/
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